Russell Trutane

Baby Russell

In case you hadn't heard already, Steve and Kimberly had a baby (Russell Ethan) born on January 5, 2001. This website tells the story of the beginning of Russell's life with pictures and commentary.

The latest scoop on "Russell the boy" can be found here.

Here are Russell's vital statistics as of 16 April 2001:

Birthday January 5, 2001
Birth weight 9 lbs 10 oz.
Age 3.25 months (or 14 weeks, 3 days)
Weight approx. 17-18 lbs
Height approx. 25 inches
Hair Ginger (lt. brown with hints of red)
Eyes Gray (starting to brown near pupils)
Favorite activity Exploring around the house balanced on feet or in "airplane" hold
Favorite toy Egg beater
Least favorite activity Visiting the pediatrician

Links to previous pictures and commentary:

Baby sounds: Want to hear what he sounds like? Check out these recordings.

Here are some pictures of Russell Ethan taken at around 5 weeks of age. We have more recent pictures and video footage, but we're still in the process of transferring them from the digital camcorder (kindly given to us by Russell's Aunt Becky and Uncle Bob) to our computer. Stay tuned to this page for updates.

The four shots below were taken as a series (upper left to lower right) shortly after a good nursing session. It's amazing how much emotion he's capable of expressing, though fleetingly.

Baby Russell mug shot 1       Baby Russell mug shot 2
Baby Russell mug shot 3       Baby Russell mug shot 4

Russell has incredible oral needs. The best way to satisfy them apart from nursing is with a finger (clean, of course). This has been quite the lifesaver when nothing else seems to work, including pacifiers.

Baby Russell sucking finger
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