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Russell Trutane

Welcome to Russell's page! Here you'll find the latest news and pictures about Kim & Steve's first born pride & joy.

The photo on the left was taken in August 2005 at a McDonald's playstructure in Pinole, CA.

Here are Russell's current vital statistics as of August 2005:

Birthday January 5, 2001
Age 4.67 years
Weight ~51 lbs
Height ~44 inches
Hair Gingery brown
Eyes Brown
Teeth Clean bill of health (thanks to Steve for the unrelenting brushing effort)
School Albany Preschool
Recent Accomplishments
  • Passed the beginner level 3 swimming test at Canyon poll in El Sobrante.
  • Rides bike without training wheels (and without major crashes) for 1 sidewalk.
  • Counts up to 30 or 40. Can write his name. Can type in his password on home computer.
Favorite activities
Favorite toy Very realistic plastic bugs and reptiles, Tinker toys (not sure on this...)
Favorite food Dino chicken nuggets with ketchup and apple juice.
Least favorite activities
  • Playing alone
  • Brushing teeth
  • Cleaning anything up

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