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Russell Trutane

Welcome to Russell's page! Check this page for the latest news and pictures about the antics of Kimberly & Steve's first born pride & joy.

Be sure to check out our movies featuring the antics of Russell.

The photo on the left was taken in late December 2003 while visiting Grandma and Grandpa Chervitz in St. Louis.

Here are Russell's current vital statistics as of January 2004:

Birthday January 5, 2001
Age 3 years
Weight 39 lbs
Height 39 inches
Hair Gingery brown
Eyes Brown to hazel (more brown near pupils)
Teeth All baby teeth are in. First dentist visit still pending.
Recent Accomplishments
  • Potty trained before 3rd birthday.
  • Sleeps through night sans diaper accident-free.
  • Made a rectangle using pieces of cheese from a grater.
  • Put together a 15-piece jigsaw puzzle with minimal help.
Favorite activities
Favorite toy Thomas The Tank Engine table and train engines
Least favorite activities
  • Playing alone
  • Going down for nap or to bed at night ("I'm not tired!")
  • Brushing teeth

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