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Welcome to Russell's page! Check this page for the latest news and pictures about the antics of Kimberly & Steve's first born pride & joy. Russell is too young to say what he wants on his web page, so his Daddy gets to do it for him. He promises to do a better job of keeping it up to date!

The photo on the left was taken in early March 2002. Russell scraped his nose when he took a bad fall (face first, on concrete!) while playing at the park. This boo-boo healed amazingly fast.

Here are Russell's current vital statistics as of 5 June 2002:

Birthday January 5, 2001
Age 17 months
Weight 30 lbs
Height 32-33 inches
Hair Ginger (sort of a golden blonde)
Eyes Hazel (more brown near pupils)
Teeth About 14, with 4th molar coming in
Favorite activities
  • Nursing (still at top of list)
  • Transfering water in & out of various containers
  • Watching Teletubbies
  • Bike rides to railroad tracks to watch "choo choos" go by.
  • Running uphill, downhill, and into the street and having Mommy & Daddy catch him screaming "No No No!"
Favorite toy Marble maze (don't eat the marble's!)
Least favorite activities
  • Being sick (currently has a nasty cold with fever)
  • Taking any medicine besides berry-flavored Ibuprofen
  • Saying bye-bye to Mommy & Daddy when they leave for work (he's getting better with this)

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