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Picture of Perry on back porch, June 2007

Perry Trutane

Welcome to Perry's page! Kim & Steve's second born pride & joy.

Well, it's been a long time coming (2 years), but Perry finally has his own webpage (this shows how much more work two kids is than one). Perry has zoomed into toddlerhood at amazing speed, challenging all who dare to keep up with him. Much of his progress can be attributed to his undying attempts to keep up with his big brother Russell.

You can find more photos of Perry in our Photomixes. In case you missed them, are some baby photos of Perry.

Here are Perry's current vital statistics as of August 2007:

Birthday March 16, 2005
Birth Stats Cesarian w/o labor. 8lb 10 oz, 20.75 inches, 9:56AM on 3/16/05, apgar: 9/9
Age 2.4 years
Weight 35 lbs
Height 37 inches
Hair Blonde with light brown
Eyes Gray
Teeth All baby teeth are in. Just starting to get into brushing them, which is good since he won't let anyone brush his teeth.
School None yet.
Recent Accomplishments
  • Speaks in grammatically correct, simple multi-word sentences, ("Mommy get me my bottle."
  • Nearly potty trained. Still needs diaper for nap and overnight.
  • Expert with the Razor scooter (has been competent at it since late 2006/early 2007 -- prefers to have the handlebars raised up high)
  • Great climber of trees and furniture.
Favorite activities
  • Jumping from furniture onto bed, couch, floor, etc. often finishing with a somersault.
  • Playing outside, observing nature.
  • Sports: scootering, running, bicycling (in seat), climbing (trees, play structures)
  • Watching videos of his favorite movies.
  • Reading books with Mom & Dad, as well as looking through them by himself.
  • Drawing and coloring (especially on himself -- see above photo).
  • TV Shows: Maisy Mouse, Teletubbies (UK or PBS), Caillou, Dragon Tales, Clifford. No commercial TV.
Favorite toy Anything with wheels, large or small.
Favorite food Eggs and ham, cooked sunny side up. Beverage of choice: rice milk
Least favorite activities
  • Playing alone
  • Having teeth brushed

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