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Pictures of Friends

Here is a sporadic collection of some pictures of some of our friends.

Henry, Wyatt, & Sky

Russell, Kim, & Steve made goods friendships with Henry (4) and Wyatt (2) and their parents while apartment-living in El Cerrito during our house remodel. They moved away to Oahu on 10 Mar 2004, largely due to the craziness of the Bay area housing market. We visited them during the summer of 2004 and are still eager to return. Save a spot on the beach for us!

Marie-Lise and Willie

Here are a couple of the shots we took on our last trip to Monterey (July 1999). Marie-Lise & Willie them moved to the United Arab Emirates in the Fall of 1999 and then went to Madagascar. Then they completed the circle and returned to Monterey.

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